Home Builders Foundation Fund

The Home Builders Foundation Fund of Greater Kansas City (Fund ID: home03) was formed in 2002 as the charitable arm of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City. It is supported through contributions from KCHBA members and others. The fund is dedicated to advancing a range of charitable, educational and community causes such as:

  • Housing-related issues
  • Rebuilding declining neighborhoods
  • Restoration of existing structures
  • Building industry workforce
  • Housing-related education/scholarship
  • Housing disaster relief
  • Community re-development

To support education and job training, the HBA’s Foundation supports:

  • Funding scholarships for construction-related degrees
  • Partnering with area school districts
  • Partnering with various workforce initiatives

Grant Requests
Grants may be made only to charitable and educational organizations. If you would like to submit a grant request to the KCHBA, please fill out this Grant Request Form and send it to Kari@kchba.org. Requests are reviewed twice a year by the KCHBA’s Foundation Committee. A few of the organizations the fund has supported in the past include:

Thanks to the generosity and commitment of HBA members, affiliates and friends, the fund continues to thrive. Your ongoing support and commitment is crucial to providing funding for anticipated programs, projects and causes. To find out more about the Fund, please contact: Kari English, Kari@kchba.org or 816-942-8800.