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missouri-legislative-dayThe HBA’s Government Affairs Committee, representatives and staff serve as the eyes, ears and voice of the housing industry at the local, state and national levels. They actively work to protect and promote homeownership in the Kansas State Legislature, the Missouri General Assembly and in county and city governments across the Kansas City metropolitan area. HBA staff also works to inform HBA members of any issues that may impact their business, such as changes to building codes, planning and zoning ordinances, state or federal tax policy or any other regulatory changes.

The HBA is a long-time member of two state-wide housing associations – the HBA of Missouri and the Kansas Building Industry Association. These associations are critical for sharing information on housing issues, regulation and legislation and to coordinate our advocacy efforts. Each year HBA staff coordinates lobby days in Jefferson City and Topeka (and in Washington, D.C.) for members to educate their representatives about housing issues and continue to build relationships with them. HBA staff and members are also active in the government affairs committees of our local Chambers of Commerce.

Through the HBA’s Political Action Committee (HBA-PAC), we support pro-housing candidates and initiatives to keep the housing industry strong. Members of the HBA-PAC meet regularly to consider candidates and make contribution decisions. HBA members also benefit from BUILD-PAC, the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Political Action Committee and NAHB’s government services and programs that help defend homeownership initiatives on Capitol Hill.

2018 State Legislative Agendas

The Home Builders Association has adopted the policy positions and priorities it will hold during the 2018 Kansas and Missouri legislative sessions on behalf of the home building industry. These legislative objectives cover issues of taxation, workers’ compensation, workforce development, licensing, codes, transportation, immigration, and more. To view our 2018 Missouri Legislative Agenda, click here. To view our 2018 Kansas Legislative Agenda, click here.

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The Job Resources page provides a number of workforce related resources including workforce development agencies, community colleges, job boards and professional networks.


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The Legislative Resources serve as HBA member’s one-stop center for advocacy and information. Members can identify their legislator and look up their contact information, learn about the HBA’s Political Action Committees or find links to helpful resources.


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NAHB is always working on behalf of HBA members to ensure that housing priorities are front and center in Washington, DC.