The Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City (KCHBA) is a network of businesses that protect and promote their interests and the concerns of its member companies. Among others, members include:

  • Home Builders
  • Developers
  • Remodelers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Title companies
  • Banks
  • Service providers

The KCHBA has two main membership categories: Builder, which includes builders, developers and remodelers, and Associate, which includes everyone else. While the dues for both categories are the same, builder members pay an additional permit assessment, based on the value of the permit pulled within the KCHBA’s region. Here’s how that works:

•   Each member’s building permits are assessed on a sliding scale rate.
•   The KCHBA invoices builder members for those assessments.
•   Builders’ permit assessments are capped at 200 homes.


Who is membership for?

Membership is for the joining company and provides opportunities for all employees to become involved and take advantage of member benefits.

How does the process work?

Your request for membership is reviewed by the Membership Committee and the KCHBA’s Board of Directors. When your company has been approved, the information is shared with the National Association of Home Builders, which activates your membership. Your renewal is on the anniversary of the date you joined.

Contact Dawn Allen ( or call 816-942-8800 for more information about how you benefit when you join.

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Additional KCHBA Membership Information

Additional information about membership can be found at the following links: