This Week in Government Affairs

Kansas Budget Provisions

The recently passed Kansas budget contains several provisions which will affect the home building industry:

  • The state sales tax rate increases to 6.5% beginning July 1st.
  • Itemized deductions for home mortgage interest and property tax are reduced by 50%.
  • Imposes a tax on “guaranteed payments” received by LLC members
  • Beginning in 2018, cities and counties would have to have a public vote before they could increase property tax revenues by more than the rate of inflation, except for certain purposes.


Kansas City Elections – June 23

If you’re a Kansas City resident be sure to vote next Tuesday-make your voice heard in selecting city council representatives.


Waters of the U.S.

The KCHBA Board of Directors, at their June 16 meeting, discussed the permitting delays that could result from new EPA rules regarding regulating the nation’s waters. Click here to view the video shown at NAHB Spring Board meeting-Tom Woods explains action to be taken on this important issue.