November 2014 Residential Permit Statistics

With a typical November dip in permit activity, the metro area saw 306 single family permits issued during the month, according to the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City’s (HBA) monthly Residential Building Permit Statistics report.  The year to date single family permit total is 3,897 compared to 2013 with 3,802 for a 2 percent increase.  The local increase in multi-family housing is following nation-wide trends with 381 permits issued during November, bringing the 2014 year to date multi-family count to 3,627. 

“With 2014 nearly complete, we see that it is almost identical to 2013, which was a year of recovery.” said Executive Vice President Sara Corless, “National economists are predicting that home building activity should increase significantly in 2015 and we hope that will be the case locally, as well.”

Comparing regions of the metro area, Missouri North counties have an increase of 4%, Missouri South counties have issued 8% more permits and Kansas counties have a slight decrease of 1%, when compared with year to date permit counts as of November 2013.  Of the larger cities in the area, Kansas City, Missouri has the largest increase at a 21% increase, permits issued in Kansas City, Kansas have grown by 9% and Shawnee reports a 33% increase.  Johnson County tops the list of counties in number of permits issued, although its share of the total has decreased from 41% to 39%.

Click here for the November Residential Permit Statistics report.