Builders Fly to Washington to Push for Homeownership Tax Credit

More than 50 builders from across the nation are traveling to Washington this week to hold meetings with key House and Senate Republican leaders and urge them to include a homeownership tax credit in tax reform legislation pending in both chambers of Congress.

With tax reform moving rapidly on Capitol Hill, the builder fly-in is meant to highlight a major shortfall in each of the tax relief bills – a lack of a meaningful homeownership tax incentive.
Builders are urging lawmakers to rectify this situation by including a homeownership tax credit.

The House and the Senate bills gut existing housing tax benefits by drastically reducing the number of home owners who can take advantage of mortgage interest and property tax incentives.

The homeownership tax credit would solve this problem. It would help up to 37 million additional home owners who do not currently itemize. Many of them are first-time home buyers or young couples with growing families who really spur the housing market.

NAHB believes the tax credit is sound economic policy and good social policy that would allow more families to achieve a toe hold on the homeownership ladder.

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