Trendy Paint Colors

living web“It is a black with an undertone of indigo,” said Michelle Schneider, a Color & Design Consultant for PPG Architectural Coatings. “Black Flame serves as a perfect backdrop to whatever you choose to put in front of it (white sofa, fuchsia patterned carpet). The materials that are trending have a lot of black running through it – granite, tile, textiles and flooring.”

Schneider said Black Flame is already appearing on a variety of surfaces and materials:

  • Black windows and doors continue to gain popularity and are quickly becoming best sellers among manufacturers.
  • Black stainless appliances are outpacing the traditional stainless that has owned the marketplace for the past decade, because Millennials crave a different aesthetic than what their parents had.
  • As a nod to the glamour of the Art Deco era, we’re seeing black combined with gold or brass on furnishings, light fixtures and accessories.

But before painting anything, Schneider suggests laying a color swatch on the furniture in the room on the carpet and next to the window treatments to see how the color interacts. “That’s the best way to see how the color will work with all your decor,” Schneider said. “Paint colors complete the puzzle so be sure to view them with other elements in the space – flooring, countertops, cabinets, textiles, exterior stone/brick, roof and windows – for the best perspective.”

White on White

Door and shutters webOn the opposite end of the spectrum, the latest spin on classic white is employing it on every available surface, according to House Beautiful.

“There is shift to whites and lighter tones in interiors,” said Schneider. For example, “PPG 1008-1 Focus, PPG1025-3 Whiskers, PPG1007-2 Swirling Smoke and PPG 1006-2 Shark, with accents of black and dark hues as feature walls, dining rooms, and powder rooms.”

But if you just painted your house gray, Schneider says not to worry!

“Grays continue in popularity for both interiors and exteriors but are shifting to warmer versions; PPG1024-4 Moth Gray, PPG1025-4 Sharkskin and PPG 1007-4 Hot Stone have been overtaking the cooler grays we’ve had for almost a decade,” said Schneider. “Consumers are ready for something new but often hesitate at strong jumps, so warmer versions of gray provide a nice bridge.”

Other trending colors – a lot of greens (representing our need to connect with nature), browns (the darker the better) and a few key yellows.