Tom Woods Inducted into National Housing Hall of Fame

The National Housing Hall of Fame at NAHB’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., recognizes individuals whose spirit, ingenuity and determination have changed the nation’s housing for the better, and whose contributions to the housing industry have enduring value on a national or global scale. The 2023 Hall of Fame inductees are Dwight Schar, Stillman Knight, and NAHB past chairmen Ed Brady, Granger MacDonald and Tom Woods.

With a construction career spanning nearly 50 years, Woods has focused on improving the communities he has lived and worked in, including serving as mayor of his hometown, Blue Springs, Mo. He expanded his various building enterprises across state lines, and has been a leader at all levels of the NAHB Federation. Woods has served many roles within the KCHBA, including Board member and KCHBA president. In 2009, he formed a not-for-profit, Builders Development Corp., to renovate single- and multifamily housing for assisted living and workforce housing.

The induction and award ceremonies took place during the 2023 Spring Leadership Meetings, on Tuesday, June 6, at the Board of Directors Meeting at the National Housing Center in Washington, D.C. Congratulations, Tom!