Today’s Appliances Focus on Beauty, Functionality

Homeowners and builders are getting more creative with their standard home appliances. These fixtures of the home, once treated as essential and plain, are now artful centerpieces in the kitchen.

“Homeowners are adding artistic flair to their kitchen ranges and/or hoods with a pop of their favorite color,” according to Allen Gregory, the Director of Builder and Showrooms Southern Plains for Ferguson Bath Kitchen and Lighting Gallery. “For example, BlueStar offers ranges in 750+ colors and textured finishes. Many appliance manufacturers offer complete customization of refrigeration units, allowing the homeowner to fully integrate the front of the refrigerator with the cabinets or choose a special material like leather.”

While the desire for more retro-looking appliances has grown in recent years, high-tech appliances still rule the industry. And it’s not difficult to see why so many people are choosing to incorporate “smart” technology into their homes.

“Appliances are now more user-friendly and offer features that simplify routine chores like cooking, cleaning and doing laundry,” said Gregory. “From digital readouts to wireless connectivity, today’s innovations give you more ‘smart’ choices than ever before.”

Ovens are now able to be preheated from a smartphone. Refrigerators can receive verbal instructions and are able to self-diagnose any mechanical issues. Hands-free faucets reduce the spread of germs, a functional feature for busy families.

“These faucets don’t sacrifice style or functionality,” noted Gregory. “They come with all the features of a traditional faucet, but also include a unique sensor and water flow mechanism. Simply touching any part of the faucet or placing objects directly under the faucet head turns the flow of water on and off.”

Another great component for an active household is a high-tech washer and dryer. “You’re able to use an app to stay up-to-date during each step in the laundry process,” said Gregory. “Some washers are equipped to send digital reminders to start and stop wash cycles based on fabric care needs. If no one is available to unload the dryer, you can receive a smartphone alert to activate a wrinkle shield function.”

For the ultimate in connectivity and energy savings, Gregory said some units offer technology that pairs a connected washer and dryer with a home monitoring device. “You are then able to automatically activate or delay the start of a cycle based on your device’s ability to recognize when you are home or away.”

Modern technology and a vast market provide many options to choose from when it comes down to all your appliance needs. Whatever features and styles you prefer, an HBA member has the perfect option for your home. Click here to find a member near you.

Photos courtesy of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting Gallery.