Spring Parade Lives Up to Expectations

Kansas City area homebuilders had high hopes for the 2016 Spring Parade of Homes, and based on early participant feedback, traffic and homebuyer activity met or exceeded expectations.

According to an HBA online survey of builders with 2016 Spring Parade entries, 72 percent of respondents reported “good” or “excellent” attendance, with another 23 percent reporting that attendance was “adequate.”

Terri Marks of Providence Homes called the first weekend of the Parade wildly successful: “There was crazy traffic. Saturday was a zoo. Sunday, we took a tally (with) 65 groups through that day. I got two offers on Sunday, with a third buyer disappointed they missed out.”

As of the BBN deadline, builders reported selling at least seven homes entered in the Parade during the three-week long event, with 17 percent of survey respondents saying their entries sold.

“We had a great Parade with record numbers of people (and) sold at least three homes,” said Don Julian of Don Julian Builders. “In my opinion, the Parade of Homes is the best dollar for dollar advertising a builder can get.”

Other survey highlights:

  • 72% indicated they obtained “good leads” as a result of Parade participation.
  • 79% said advertising and promotion of the Spring Parade was “good” or “excellent.”
  • 69% said the Parade provides better “people contact” than other methods of advertising.


Note: As of BBN deadline, 43 builders responded to the HBA online survey powered by Survey Monkey.