Prairie Village Residents Unaware of “Unintended Consequences” of City’s Design Proposal

The City of Prairie Village is in the process of adopting new Neighborhood Design Standards for homes that would affect all incoming and current Prairie Village residents. The changes include added requirements for green space, street trees, and the size of buildings and garages, among other things. Some of the proposed standards would create unintended consequences potentially preventing residents from investing in their own properties — and these consequences haven’t been made clear to current residents.

For example, the proposed standards would require that 65 percent of a resident’s property be green space. Because there is no green space requirement currently, many of the existing homes in Prairie Village already exceed this standard and, therefore, those existing homeowners would not be allowed to do future home renovations or remodels, such as room additions or even new patios, decks or pools.

Additionally, this green space requirement could prevent homeowners from building ranch-style or 1.5 story homes, and instead push them to build two-story homes in order to have a house with enough space for their families. This limitation could potentially reduce the diversity and character of Prairie Village — something the city is very adamant about maintaining.

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