OSHA Compliance Alert

Employers Must Train Employees on Workplace Hazards by December 1, 2013

Last year OSHA revised its Hazard Communications Standard (HCS) to bring the U.S. into alignment with global classification and labeling standards on hazardous materials. The new OSHA standard is designed to improve worker understanding of the hazards associated with chemicals in the workplace. While the broader rule will be phased in over the next few years, the first compliance deadline is December 1, 2013. By this date, all residential contractors with hazardous chemicals (e.g., paints, solvents, etc.) on their jobsites must educate and train their workers on the hazards and safe use of these products, ensure that hazardous materials are properly labeled, prepare workplace labels and standard data sheets (SDS) as necessary and provide access for workers to up-to-date SDSs. NAHB has designed a training tool that can be downloaded here: http://www.nahb.org/generic.aspx?sectionID=626&genericContentID=205872.