Open Dialogue with KCMO Planning and Development Dept. Leads to Improvements

On November 13, 2014, several Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO) builders met with staff from the KCMO Planning and Development Department to discuss a list of building issues.  Topics included recent double inspections, the increase in additional engineering on master plans, allowing for a separate addendum or plan sheet, creating a sample plan to guide builders, and the need to hire additional plan review staff.  As expected, other issues arose during the conversation.  Here is a summary of key takeaways:

  •  Water and sanitary sewer connection permits.  Letters are issued to the developer when the water and sewer mains are approved for connection.  There are separate letters for each – from the Water Services Department for the water main (contact Heather Massey, 513-0460) and CPD Land Development Division for sewer (513-1500, option 2).  If the developer has not yet obtained the connection approval letter for the new mains, then connection permits will not be issued.
  • Slab insulation at plumbing ground rough.  The inspector will note if this is not yet in place at the plumbing ground rough inspection, but builders will not be required to request an inspection solely for the reason of verifying the slab insulation.  Builders will remain responsible to provide prior to concrete placement.
  • Required plans on site for inspection.  KCMO Information Bulletin 100 includes information regarding which inspections require plans on site.  When plans are required, the complete set shall be provided for all inspections.
  • Eliminating double inspections.  Builders have experienced double inspections when new inspectors are being trained.  KCMO staff ensured that the practice would end, unless the training inspector finds a blatant safety issue.
  • Hiring additional plan review staff.  KCMO staff is working on approval to hire additional plan review staff to help meet the demand and ensure that builders can get clarification on comments in a timely manner.
  • Master plan options.  Below are KCMO information bulletins that outline the plan review submittal requirements.  The following is a link to KCMO’s electronic plans submission process, “ E-Builder”:

KCMO Requirements for Plans Review Submittal

KCMO Guidance on Standard Garage Slab and Foundation Wall Details

KCMO Master Plan Criteria

General Notes from KCMO Plan Reviewer Jeff Lee