One-Hour MBA ™

10:00 – 11:30 AM
Free to All Attendees

Two leading business professionals bring their diverse backgrounds together to show you definitive steps for permanently solving your biggest business mistakes and enjoy immediate results by enhancing your operations and increasing your sales, cash flow, and profits.

Attendees will leave the webinar with a written action plan and 10 simple achievable steps to:
1. Re-evaluate your current Marketing and Sales plan of action and implement changes where needed.
2. Mastermind – Brainstorm collaboration with your team and experts.
3. Give your Sales Team the training and tools they need.
4. Know your numbers – know where you are right now – Sales, Expenses, Profits, Cash Flow, Pipeline.
5. Evaluating employee performance.
6. Use Systems and Technology to streamline and advance your business.
7. Reconnect to past customers and prospects.
8. Enhance and implement your Referral program.
9. Review Strategic Alliances and build new relationships to advance your plans.
10. Engineer for Consistent Improvement – Monitor, Evaluate, Revamp, Restart.