NAHB’s Strategy in the Tax Reform Debate

NAHB is working hard to ensure our industry’s priorities are addressed as the tax reform debate unfolds on Capitol Hill. While the framework put forth by President Trump and Republican congressional leaders keeps the mortgage interest deduction intact, its effectiveness would be diminished as more families elect to take a higher standard deduction — a provision that has rare bipartisan support.

Tax reform also will affect our members as business owners, where lower rates and a simpler system could spur economic growth but also poses risk to our debt-dependent industry if deductions for business interest are curtailed. Multifamily developers face risks if there are changes to depreciation periods, carried interest, or like-kind exchanges.

NAHB is committed to fight for the best policies to support our industry and the consumers we serve. We will not sit on the sidelines during this debate and let others decide our fate. Our willingness to discuss new tax policies to support housing ensures that NAHB has a seat at the table throughout the process.

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