Do You Know What Is the No. 1 Cause of Structural Failures?

cracked-brick-wallResidential structural failures can result from just about any construction oversight, big or small. Improper drainage, active soils, or simply poor design are frequently the culprits. But research shows that, by far, the most common cause of structural failure stems from insufficiently compacted fill material.

With nearly 40 years of data to back up its findings, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (HBW) revealed that 80 percent of all structural failures are due to soil movement beneath the foundation.

“Because fill material is so frequently to blame for structural failures, using it properly is every bit as critical as determining building location, selecting trade partners, and designing an attractive home,” according to Walt Keaveny, risk manager and professional engineer for 2-10 HBW. “If it isn’t sufficiently dense, it can consolidate and cause excessive settlement, which may result in damage to foundations, framing and interior finishes.”

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