KCMO General Election Results

The Kansas City General Election for Mayor and new City Council members took place on June 23, 2015.  The results are listed below:

Mayor: Sly James* (Incumbent)

1st District At-Large: Scott Wagner* (Incumbent)

2nd District At-Large: Teresa Loar

3rd District At-Large: Quinton Lucas

4th District At-Large: Katheryn Shields

5th District At-Large: Lee Barnes

6th District At-Large: Scott Taylor* (Incumbent)

Council 1st District: Heather Hall

Council 2nd District: Dan Fowler*(Incumbent)

Council 3rd District: Jermaine Reed

Council 4th District: Jolie Justus

Council 5th District: Alissia Canady

Council 6th District: Kevin McManus


*Endorsed by KCHBA