KCHBA Hosts Successful Event with NAHB’s Jim Tobin

The KCHBA Political Action Committee recently hosted NAHB Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin for a fun and informative night featuring a scotch and cigar pairing enjoyed by many PAC contributors and members. Tobin had much to report regarding the presidential campaigns, the recent Speaker vote, upcoming legislative action and what to expect from Congress over the next fourteen months. “We’re tracking literally hundreds of issues everyday on the hill, and when our membership engages as a unified voice for building and development, we have a substantial effect on both sides of the aisle,” Tobin said.

NAHB Chairman and Blue Springs builder Tom Woods was also on hand to give his take on the political landscape and encouraged members to participate in the political and electoral process. “Heading into next year’s election cycle, it’s critically important that builders are communicating their concerns and priorities to decision makers in Congress and candidates on the campaign trail. When you participate in Build-PAC, you ensure that your voice is being heard,” Woods told the crowd.  To date, KCHBA has met and exceeded its fundraising goals for the year which will allow it to contribute to candidates at the local, state, and federal levels who demonstrate and consistently show support for the building industry. If you are interested in becoming a PAC member or would like to attend similar events in the future, please contact Katie Walkley by phone at 816-942-8800 or by email at katie@kchba.org.

The evening ended with a call to action by Tom Woods and Jim Tobin asking members to help them gather Congressional support for an important vote next week on the legality of WOTUS.  This legislation is needed to overturn the broad and overreaching rule put forth by the EPA that would greatly expand its regulatory authority over small bodies of water.  Find out more information about the vote and what you can do to help here.