In Memoriam: Phil Yancey

There’s a hole in the heart of the HBA as we say good-bye to our friend, Phil Yancey.  Phil passed away on June 20th after a short but fierce fight against cancer.

Phil was an active HBA member and volunteer for many years as he chaired the Associates Council and Missouri South PAC.  He was named Associate of the Year in 2007 and elected to the HBA Board of Directors in 2009.  Then, in 2012, he resigned from the board to join the staff of the HBA as Membership Manager.  He rapidly took on responsibilities for the Associates Council, the Golf Tournament and Clay Shoot and was a key member of the Home Show team.  Most of all, Phil brought so many wonderful things to the office each day – his sense of humor, his down-to-earth approach to life, his special rapport with HBA members and we can’t forget the fabulous eggs from his free-range chickens and some of the best tomatoes ever grown.  One of the things Phil talked about most often was the activities he shared with his grandchildren–sometimes we even got to meet some of his beloved grandkids.  Our hearts go out to his family and especially the grandsons and granddaughters – it was apparent that Phil was one of the best grandpas ever.

We’re going to miss Phil Yancey, a one-of-a-kind member of the HBA family.