House Passes Prison Reform Bill that Provides Vocational Training

On a 360-59 vote, the House has overwhelmingly approved NAHB-supported legislation that would provide vocational training for prisoners in an effort to reduce recidivism rates.

In a letter of support for the FIRST STEP Act (H.R. 5682) that was sent to the House prior to the vote, NAHB cited the benefits of similar training programs administered through the Home Builders Institute (HBI), the association’s educational arm.

For example, in Sheridan, Ill., HBI is training 150 individuals per day at a medium security facility in basic carpentry, masonry, electrical, plumbing, and construction technology skills. Upon completion of the 24-week, rolling admission program, the inmates earn several important certificates to help them find work upon their release.

Other state and local HBAs have similarly pursued their own successful partnerships with area prisons to train incarcerated individuals for a career in construction when they return to their communities.

NAHB believes that the FIRST STEP Act will help address construction’s labor shortages while providing a second chance for a bright future and a meaningful career.

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This article is from NAHB’s NAHB Now blog.