HBA Submits Comments to KCMO City Hall and Public Works Department on Proposed Excavation Ordinance

The HBA submitted comments today in opposition to proposed Ordinance No. 140447 arguing that it would create unnecessary or redundant regulation that would only serve to delay home building.  The proposal would require anyone requesting an excavation permit to designate a “Private Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager (QA/QC)” for the project, have their QA/QC approved by the director, request a pre-excavation and post-excavation inspection of the job site and certify that all work has been completed and restored to the city’s specifications and standards.  According to City staff, the proposed ordinance is intended to provide the City a direct line of communication with the person who will be responsible for assuring that all requirements and standards of excavation, construction and restoration are met.

Click here to view the HBA’s letter to City Hall.