Gardner Visits the HBA

Today’s Board Meeting featured a short presentation about residential building from the city of Gardner, Kansas.  Mayor Chris Morrow, City Administrator Cheryl Harrison-Lee, and Business and Economic Development Director Larry Powell spoke with HBA members about the recent growth of the city that has led to job increases and a demand for new homes.  According to Mayor Marrow, there are currently 395 platted shovel-ready lots in the city and numerous others waiting to be platted.  City Administrator Harrison-Lee emphasized that Gardner has a lot to offer as it is rare to find a city operating its own electric, water, and sewer utilities.  The city is striving to be more accommodating and development friendly, especially by means of their new city council.  They are currently reviewing building codes and updating other economic development policies meant to encourage growth.  Development Director Powell invited HBA members to give them input on the process as well as visit the city in person to be shown around the land.  Their contact information may be found at Gardner’s website if you have any questions or feedback.