Friendly Reminder to Secure Jobsites

Copper prices are seeing the highest prices in almost a decade, according to MarketWatch. Unfortunately, the KCHBA itself was a victim of copper theft earlier this month. The building’s exterior air conditioning units were completely dismantled in order to access and steal the copper components.

Be sure to keep jobsites secure and install proper security measures. Here are some helpful tips from Overland Park Crime Prevention Officer Bill Koehn, which were presented at a 2019 Kansas Area Council:

  • Having high-quality cameras is critical. If a video or picture is unclear and fuzzy to you, it will also be useless to the police.
  • Even if stolen equipment is found, police need to be able to identify it as yours to return it. Always take pictures of serial numbers and/or permanently mark all equipment and tools.
  • High quality, durable security equipment is worth the investment. Consider the cost of what you are protecting on a regular basis versus the cost of your security equipment.
  • It is important to have a security plan in place. Employees should know what they are responsible for and what should be taken home at night.