Earn Rewards in October

You’re a member of the HBA for a reason, right? If you share your reason (or reasons) with non-members and they join in October — you win prizes!

The prizes available to win vary based on the number of new members earned:

  • 2 New Members: HBA T-shirt and hat
  • 5 New Members: Five bottles of a Robert Mondavi Private Selection red or white wine
  • 10 New Members: A Southwest Airlines gift card of $150
  • 15 New Members: $350 gift card to a local steakhouse of your choice

If you can’t remember why you’re a member of the HBA, here’s a refresher:

  • Advocacy ­­–­ On average, local and federal actions save $10,500 on each new home built within a typical year.
  • Promotion – The KCHBA spends more than $468,000 annually, or $840 per member, on industry and member promotion. That’s more than your annual dues!
  • Networking – Events ranging from specialized councils to tournaments and general membership meetings, about 175 events annually, allow for profitable relationship building within the industry.
  • Education – The association offers approximately 10 continuing education programs on a range of topics each year.
  • 3-in-1 Membership – Becoming a member of the HBA also includes becoming a member of The National Association of Home Builders and the HBA of Missouri or Kansas Builders Industry Association.
  • Stand Out from the Competition – Kansas City is home to the second largest new-home tour in the country. Members receive a comprehensive and professional advertising and promotion campaign twice a year, when they participate in the HBA’s Spring and Fall Parade of Homes and awards contests.

Members play a vital role in the function of the KCHBA. The KCHBA would like to use the month of October to bring in new members, while also serving to remind existing members of the value they hold within the HBA.