Board Approves New Budget, Modest Dues Increase

At its June meeting, the KCHBA’s Board of Directors approved the 2022-2023 budget, which includes an increase in the annual dues from $675 to $750. Dues have not been increased since 2019, and the additional funds will assist with properly valuing the benefits of being a KCHBA member as well as offset some increasing costs due to inflation.

The KCHBA spends at least $250,000 annually on industry and member promotion. Local, state and national government relations and lobbying keep housing affordable and limit regulation. In a typical year, the combined efforts of KCHBA and NAHB save more than $10,000 on each new home start. Your membership advances our efforts and increases the impact.

Your membership also provides access to more than 150 cost-saving discounts. Benefits range from our local health insurance program from Cornerstone Companies called “Outfront Health” to NAHB’s Member Advantage program, which offers discounts at many national companies for your everyday business needs.

The increases went into effect for new members July 1. Renewals will begin at the new rate in September.