A Real Estate Agent Should Be There for You Even After You Buy the House

“If you’re having surgery, you want someone trained and on the ball and who knows what they are doing,” Mike Frazier, CEO of ReeceNichols Real Estate, told attendees to the Home & Lifestyle Show March 23-24 at Bartle Hall. “The same logic applies to a real estate agent. You need someone there for you that is your trusted resource.”

Frazier told attendees that real estate agents offer more services than just arranging the sale and purchase of a home. The scope of services traditionally provided by a real estate agent has evolved to include services that maximize returns on one of your largest and most important investments.

For example, if a home’s water heater goes out, Frazier suggests calling your real estate agent for a vendor suggestion rather than Googling the nearest service provider.

“Your real estate agent will not go away if they’re a ReeceNichols agent,” Frazier said. “They will continue the process with you and help you make that property more valuable when you sell it. Our agents are there to help with remodeling projects and issues with the house after you move in.”

Frazier noted that ReeceNichols agents go through extensive training and can offer expertise on everything from mortgage documents, title insurance, homeowners insurance, and HOA agreements.

“Our agents are well-trained and have a stable of vendors who can help you with your project,” Frazier said. “That’s where that relationship continues and how you build value in your home. We’re not selling a widget or something tangible; we’re selling a lifestyle.”