85% of Consumers Say They Had a Positive Spring Parade Experience

SAB 15513 Stearns (Copy)Eighty-five percent of respondents to a consumer survey said they had a good or excellent experience visiting homes on the Spring Parade. Besides looking for a new home to purchase, many respondents said it is a fun outing and a great way to see the latest trends.

One respondents even noted, “we live in Lincoln and come down most years for the last 25 years!”

Another said, “I take vacation days each parade to take part in my passion — such a great service.”

As with any large event, however, there were some hiccups during the Parade. Several respondents were not happy to visit homes only to find them locked or unfinished. One respondent said, “please, please do not include houses that are currently under construction. When I only have a little time and drive to homes that aren’t finished or even just a basement foundation it causes great frustration.”

Finally, one respondent requested we “don’t let it rain.” While we can’t do anything about Mother Nature, we do want to provide consumers with the best Parade experience possible and will work to improve future Parades based on these comments.

Thank you to all who took the survey.