2018 ICC Code Adoption Kits Now Available

As states and jurisdictions prepare to upgrade to the latest building and energy codes released by the International Code Council (ICC), NAHB has already prepared resources so HBAs can suggest cost-effective changes to improve the just-released 2018 editions.

Sign in to nahb.org to download the 2018 I-Codes Adoption Kit, which consists of three parts:


  • Significant changes that were made in the 2018 I-Codes from the 2015 editions
  • Cost impact of adopting the 2018 IRC to the 2015 edition (Here’s a hint: It’s good news)
  • NAHB-suggested amendments to improve the codes’ practicality and cost effectiveness

The ICC “model” codes are designed with the intent that they can be amended by the state or local jurisdiction to take into account local considerations, such as geography, climate and local practices.

NAHB has developed suggested amendments for both single-family builders and multifamily developers that may improve the model codes adopted in your jurisdiction.

Questions on the particulars? Call 800-368-5242 and reach the NAHB Construction, Codes and Standards staff on the following extensions:

  • Neil Burning, x8564. Vice President
  • Craig Drumheller, x8565. Director: Energy and Green
  • Gary Ehrlich, x8545. Director: Structural, Resilience
  • Dan Buuck, x8366. Senior Program Manager: Fire, Egress, Electrical
  • Don Surrena, x8574. Senior Program Manager: Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas
  • Cesar Lujan, x8303. Program Manager: Fire-resistant Construction, Accessibility, Use and Occupancy
  • Joel Martell, x8566. Program Manager: Energy and Green